Charmeuse ~ de Medici Collection (Sneak Peek)

We’re just full of Sneak Peeks today! You’re all getting quite a treat! If you like to see more of this rich, luxurious collection, please stop by and say hello at our Fall High Point show.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Get out there and enjoy the summer!

Heirloom Love ~ Our Latest Obsession (Sneek Peek)

Obsessed is most certainly the correct term. We’ve decided to expand our Heirloom collection to include an entire bed set. Yes, were giddy with excitement and can’t wait to hear what you think at our Fall High Point Show. Stop by, get a drink and tell us how much you love it too!

10 Great Fall Beds

To get our minds away from this sweltering heat, we’ve decided to focus on Fall. We’ve pulled some great ideas for Fall beds that invoke rich fabrics, and luxurious colors. If you’d like to see more beds, Click here for more information.

1. Umbridge Collection

2. Twain Collection

3. Pembroke Collection

4. Othello Collection

5. Madeira Collection

6. Langdon Collection

7. Chapman Collection

8. Anthemion Collection

9. Arosa Collection

10. Kelmscott Collection

French Dream

Antoinette French style upholstered headboard and bed frame with Aileen pillows.  Duvet cover and white euro are from the Gianna de Medici Collection.

Sometimes we get to design our dream beds and this would be one of them. Besides the gorgeous headboard, re-introducing ourselves with the Aileen collection seems just right. We drooled a little bit when we put this together. Yes, you’re welcome.

Your Eastern Accents – Show me yours, and I will show you mine…

Anthemion Hand Painted Silk

Calling all Eastern Accents clients! We know what we love about EA (we work here) but we’re dying to see how the collections we’ve designed and labored over look in your home! Send us a picture, okay, more than one picture, were dying to see our many collections in your space!  We’ll post them here (yes, on this very blog!) for everyone to marvel at your beautiful room. Even if you have our curtain panels, our pillows on your couch, tell us what you love about them.

In exchange, well show you sneak peak images on how we conceptualize and design the bedding collections that you love.

Introducing Joyeux Noel Studio 773 Holiday Pillow Collection

Gasp! Its finally here! I hate to say this at the end of July but Christmas is just around the corner. And if you’re like us, you LOVE all the holiday decorations, music, cookies, parties, shopping, wrapping paper, holiday cards, bows and ribbons (breathe). Our ultimate inspiration was the elegance of the French countryside not to mention that we’re  having a love affair with all things burlap.  If you’re dying to see more of these pillows please see Studio 773.

2010 Four Things to Look Forward to from Eastern Accents

If you’re on the Eastern Accents newsletter mailing list, you’ve recently received a Happy Holidays e-card from us. It looks like this (only bigger):

Happy Holidays Note from Eastern Accents

Happy Holidays Note from Eastern Accents

(If you’re not on our list–and you’re in the trade–sign up for the newsletter! Sign up under the search bar at the top of this page.)

Along with the e-card, we briefly listed 4 announcements that you can expect from Eastern Accents in early 2010. Here we’ve got the space to give you a little more detail (some details may change).

1. New de’ Medici Italian Fine Linen products, pricing, and sales materials. We’ll be introducing new colors to Coperta Quilted Sateens, a few new collections, and we’re reorganizing and revamping the family of collections that have grown around Nuvola (Nuvola Luxe, Nuvola Classic, Fresco Luxe, Fresco Classic, Grafico, and Velvet Ribbon). We might even throw in a new name here and there.

2. From Niche Bedding and Living, new collections and a concept we’re calling “Living Styles.” Living Styles will give designers the luxury of having more options. Instead of sticking with the standard ensemble, designers will find alternative fabrics and products designed to integrate perfectly with (and in some cases replace) the standard pieces. These alternative items will also work perfectly well as part of a rotation of pieces to keep a room with Niche bedding looking fresh and different.

3. Holiday pillows from Studio 773 Pillows. Some of us can’t hold out until next fall to decide on holiday decorating for 2010. For those of you who will make it through this year’s holiday season only to begin again in January with planning your purchases for next year, these pillows are for you.  Studio 773 is introducing approximately 20 holiday themed decorative pillows, many hand-painted, all luxurious and with designer appeal. Many of these pillows will be on display first in Atlanta and Dallas at the gift markets in January. (More information about trade shows on

4. Our Custom Workroom continues to roll out new products making it easier than ever to design and quote custom products, including those using C.O.M. (customer owned materials). We have new C.O.M. workbooks, made available just this week at the future home of our C.O.M design center (login required).  There we also will launch an online quoting system for C.O.M. custom bedding. Our regular custom online Instant Quote (login required) system will be updated with new options for coverlets, and decorative pillows will soon follow.

We’re excited about 2010 and hope you are too. Anyone going to the early year shows in Dallas, Atlanta, or Vegas, please stop by and say hello. The Eastern Accents trade show schedule is the best way to find out where you can see us in person.

By the way…Eastern Accents will be closing for the holidays beginning December 19th and will re-open on January 4th. Please feel free to use the Contact Us form (at the top of this page),  if you have any questions before or after the holidays. And if your question is a general one, leave it as a comment to this blog post. We’ll get you answer as soon as possible.

Have a great holiday season and thanks for your support of Eastern Accents.